manta black pp bodyboard

Black PPHD

The Black PPHD model. Team designed for the advanced rider tackling all conditions.

The Black is built to be pushed to the edge with a finely tuned BPPHD Core..

SIZES: 40", 41", 42"

RRP: $389.95

manta black pp bodyboard


The ultimate board for the larger rider. Built to last.

SIZES: 44", 46""

RRP: $329.95





manta phantom bodyboard



The Phantom is a great all round durable model with 2x stringers and a favoured shape.

This board is up for the challenge.

SIZES: 38", 40", 42", 44"

RRP: $179.95


manta drive bodyboard



The PE core / stringer combo gives the board plenty of (as the name suggests) drive.
For the rider looking for extra performance.

SIZES: 38", 40", 42"

RRP: $164.95






manta viper bodyboard




The Viper is a board that stands out.
The Viper looks like a top end board
with the deck contour and features without the price tag.

SIZES: 38", 40", 42"

RRP: $129.95


manta dart bodyboard




The ultimate junior board.
Dynamic shape scaled down for the junior rider.

SIZES: 33"

RRP: $89.95


manta sonic bodyboard


Perfect slick bottom board for
the entry rider looking to progress.
EPS core and HDPE slick.

SIZES: 37", 40", 42"

RRP: $119.95


manta sonic 45 bodyboard


Sonic 45

Scaled up 45” EPS board for the bigger rider.
Re-enforced with stringer and coiled leash.

SIZES: 45"

RRP: $149.95


manta sonic 45 bodyboard



Junior board for being towed or riding waves.
Contoured to keep the rider centered on the board
with handles for extra grip.

SIZES: 42"

RRP: $189.95